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Working with Jo

Working with Jo

I have just seen some of your beautiful work for the first time and wondered what you could do for me?

This is the question Barbara emailed me back in August, she'd seen an image on social media of my golden retriever with their head surrounded by flowers (it became a greeting card design for Thortful), she wanted to know if I could do a similar painting but with her dog Ellie...

"The colours of the flowers are completely as I would like in one of my rooms. So how does this work. Do you ask for a photograph to sketch from?"

This is exactly the sort of project I love, starting with Ellie, who’s 13 and a half and is quite the diva apparently, I painted her in watercolours first.

I had 2 photo’s to work from, we both agreed the first one had the better expression to focus on

dog  dog
 Often photographs don't always have all the details so I will usually add expression details where I can to see how far I can bring out their characters. This is where I would normally stop with a classic portrait painting, but not here!
watercolour painted dog
Moving onto the flowers, these were painted in watercolours on a separate sheet. I scanned the flower images and arranged them in to something like the image below and I added a little butterfly and bee as finishing touches.
watercolour roses
I scanned both sets of images and then worked digitally to move them into place. This is the part of the process I missed completely in the video, hopefully I'll get better at recording my work!
From initial email to delivery of the artwork was 3 months, so that gives a good idea of the normal turn around/wait time when you commission me.
dog in flowers


Barbara also sent me this lovely photograph of the artwork in place at home once she’d had it framed.
“Just thought I'd show you the lady herself and say a huge thank you for making such a lovely end result for me.  I am delighted with it!”

 This was such an enjoyable commission to take on, this photo says it all for me and really is the reason I love to paint dogs so much for other people. Thank you again Barbara and Ellie for letting me share this story.

Has this got you thinking what I might be able to do for you? Let me know in the comments or drop me an email at


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