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Personality packed paintings, prints & commissions

Powerless in the face of two brown eyes? Me too!


  • "I always have to buy 2 of everything, one for myself and one to give away"

    Barbara H.

  • "Beautiful, unique artwork. Absolutely charming."

    Fiona w.

  • "Jo made me cry, but in a good way!" "

    Claire H.

  • "We'd highly recommend Jo, I just love her work and if I could I'd just keep on buying her stuff..."

    hayley k.

Commissions Open

I am currently taking on new work, lead time is 6-8 weeks and I will close on 31 July 2024. Reopening 1st April 2025

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Online and at Events

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Shop Closed

I'll be re-opening the Shop on Sunday 12th May
Worldwide shipping
NCA Winner 2017 Best new product award 2016 Spring Fair