About Jo

award winning artist and her dog thomasina

Jo Scott + Thomasina

“They say dogs spend their lifetime studying our body language. I think I am spending my lifetime studying theirs.”

 Jo Scott and her dog Thomasina

1. My first love was Snoopy, I learnt to draw making notebooks and greeting cards for  my family with pictures of Snoopy, Woodstock and the rest of the gang.  Aged 5-6 at the time, a lot of the humour went over my head, but I still enjoy a Snoopy comic strip today.

2  My constant companion is the much-loved Thomasina (a crossbreed JRT, long haired dachshund, patterdale, petit griffon bassett) we have no idea, she was a rescue puppy and we love to guess.  She’s a constant muse and the inspiration for a lot of my work.

3. I do two retail shows a year, Crufts at the NEC in Birmingham in March and Discover Dogs at ExCel, London in October.

4. I have a publisher, Natural Partners Art, for some of my greeting card designs and they represent me at trade fairs throughout the year, including Spring Fair at the NEC.

5. Besides painting cats and dogs to commission I have a series of original paintings that I’ll be exhibiting throughout 2019

6. With hindsight, I didn’t particularly enjoy art college, I may have learnt a lot but I  was never ‘on-trend’ and I always wanted to make Tracey Emins’ bed!

7. I have a studio in the Forest of Dean and will be taking part in the Far Open, Open Studios event 6-14 July 2019,  I’ll be open daily 11am-3pm

8. My guilty pleasure is sneaking a peek into other people’s windows, I love visiting Amsterdam for the very reason that they don’t have curtains and I can stroll along the canal paths catching glimpses of other people’s lives, letting my imagination loose whilst getting inspired by other people’s interior design.

9. In the same vein as above, my favourite pastime is people and pet watching, dog walkers in the park are a favourite of mine. I love to study the emotional connection we have with our animals and that’s what I try hard to capture in my work.

10. I’m allergic to cats, not in a ‘I can’t breathe get me to a hospital’ way, but in a streaming eyes and sneezing way and don’t they just love to come and sit on my lap!

11. I have a master’s degree in Visual Culture from Middlesex University. Translation? how aspects of our culture have been expressed in visual forms, my dissertation was on the portrayal of animals in British war art, but I also remember an essay I wrote on the aesthetics of a Duran Duran video, yes seriously…

12. I have won some lovely awards. In 2016 I was the recipient of a highly commended best new product award at the Scotland Trade Fair and in 2017 I won the trophy for best charity calendar at the National Calendar Awards. The calendar featured 11 portraits of rescue dogs and 1 rescue cat and their stories, it was so good, it beat the naked rowers calendar…just saying!


award winning artist jo scott at work in her studio