About Jo


 "They say dogs spend their lifetime studying our body language. I like to think, I am spending my lifetime studying theirs.” Jo Scott



Want to know more? Here's 12 fun facts...

1. My first love was Snoopy, I learnt to draw making notebooks and greeting cards for my family with pictures of Snoopy and Woodstock.  I was very young at the time so a lot of the humour went over my head, but I still enjoy a Snoopy comic strip today and often read from my old book collection. The Peanuts exhibition at Somerset House, London was such a highlight for me, it was like walking through my childhood!


2.  My constant companion is the much-loved Thomasina (a mixed breed JRT, long haired dachshund, patterdale, petit griffon bassett) we have no idea, she was a rescue puppy and we love to guess.  She’s a constant muse and the inspiration for a lot of my work.


3. I can be found in person, once a year at Crufts at the NEC in Birmingham in March and sometimes other shows in the UK. Be sure to be on my email list to find out when and where.


4. I have left my studio behind for a while, I am now wandering the UK and Europe in a Motorhome with Mr.Dean and Thomasina, creatively I'm very excited where this might take me next. This also means that I'm only open for new commission work once or twice a year, if you are thinking you'd like to work with me then do contact me earlier than later. 


5. With hindsight, I didn’t particularly enjoy art college, I may have learnt a lot and made a lot of new friends but I was never ‘on-trend’, unlike today where you can find out how to do anything on You Tube, I just couldn't see a market place for my quirky paintings. I remember being quite frustrated at the time.
AND I always wanted to make Tracey Emins’ bed...(quite ironic as I'm sure I wasn't making my own bed very often in those days!)


6. Friends and family often comment on how I get more excited at dog photographs than I do baby photos! In fact this inspired my 'Congratulations, it's a Puppy!' greeting card design


7. I come from a great greeting card sending family, my Mum used to have a drawer overflowing with cards for every occasion, just in case she needed one on short notice, she could've opened her own shop. I think to receive a card is exciting, I am the friend or sister that will send a card just because the design reminded me of them or if I have been thinking of them. Greeting cards were always going to feature heavily in my business!


9. My favourite pastime is people and pet watching, dog walkers in the park are a favourite of mine. Leisurely lunches outside watching the world go by are my idea of heaven.  I love to study the emotional connection we have with our animals and that’s what I try hard to capture in my work.


10. I’m allergic to cats, not in a ‘I can’t breathe, get me to a hospital’ way, but in a streaming eyes and sneezing way and boy! don’t they just love to come and sit on my lap, I am a cat magnet!


11. I have won some lovely awards. In 2016 I was the recipient of a best new product award at the Scotland Trade Fair and in 2017 I won the trophy for best charity calendar at the National Calendar Awards. The calendar featured 11 portraits of rescue dogs and 1 rescue cat and their stories, it was so good, it beat the naked rowers calendar…just saying!


12. I give away a free phone and desktop wallpaper design every month so do sign up to my email list if you'd like these or just if you'd like to keep to do date with me and my work, not to mention photo's of Thomasina :-)