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🚍 The Travelling Artist #2: Outdoor Painting Equipment

🚍 The Travelling Artist #2: Outdoor Painting Equipment

 Artist sat at a table outdoors looking pensive

This is me sat at a big 6ft fold out table, which has been my standard set-up for painting and outdoor working since we first started travelling in 2020. I use these tables for shows, art fairs and sometimes outdoor dining when we have people over, I have a total of 4 (just google heavy duty fold out table and they will be first to appear) so they have multiple uses, but I only bring 1 now when we travel.

Artist sat outside at a table

So, this is a bit impractical if I'm out and about, plus I spend far too much time sitting and I wanted something a little more portable for painting outside on location, having said that, this particular set up I've used in my studio and in the back of the Motorhome when it's been raining.

Easel in an art Studio with a watercolour sketch on itEasel set up in an artists studio

📷 Squeezed into the back of the motorhome in front of the bed and then in my very tidy (cough!) studio, these photos show the tripod with the Etchr Lab Sketching satchel - mini attached to it (it connects the same way as my drawing board detailed below.)

It's taken a while (3 years!), but I've finally found the ultimate set-up that works for me, and that's the most important thing really, it works for me, it might not be perfect for you, but I've found so many of these elements from other artists I think it's so useful to share.

When I first started looking at using a tripod, I wasn't sure, so I started cheap with this classic/vertical easel., this was less than £30 off Amazon I think

Artist stood at an easel in a garden

But the verticalness? didn't suit me, I'm used to painting on a more horizonal plane and realised I needed something closer to a standing desk and this is eventually what I came up with...

Outdoor easel

Here are all the details, pictures and links, none of which are affiliate links and you may well find cheaper by shopping around a bit 😊

From the bottom up...(Click the title text for the links unless otherwise specified)

1. Tripod

Camera Tripod

Neewer Portable 56 inches/142 centimeters Aluminum Camera Tripod with 3-Way Swivel Pan Head. This is nice and sturdy, built for a heavy camera, but also nice and compact and lightweight if you need to carry it around for a bit

2. Tripod Shelf

Harbron shelf for a tripod

If I'm painting in a fixed location, I'll often have a table next to me too but for out and about this shelf is a perfect size

3. Stay Wet Palette

painting palette

I used this both in my studio and when out and about, it has a seal and is airtight so keeps my watercolours damp when needed, I'm very pleased with it.

4. Tripod Mounting Adapter.

tripod mounting adapter

You will get one of these with your tripod but it looks to me something I could easily misplace or drop, stand on and break (ok that's catastrophising) but I bought myself a spare anyway, just in case! 😂

5. Bracket & Drawing Board



Sold Separately but you attach the bracket (i.e. screw in) to the back of your drawing board, I then screw in the adapter above and then pop on the tripod, I hope that makes sense!

Bracket you can get here

Lightweight drawing board here

Have you found this useful or interesting? I'd love to know so please comment below

I should add this isn't revolutionary, lots of other artists have very similar setups, so it's all been done before! it just took me a while to find it.

You can also buy some lovely pre-made versions but they come with a higher price tag, like the En Plein Air Pro series from America that start around $220. All of the above cost me approx £130 in total

I love seeing inside other artist studios and seeing how they have set-up their spaces, what their tools are and marvel at their tidiness!

Do share your space with me if you'd like to? I don't think you can add photo's in the comments but feel free to tag me on Instagram @joscottartist with a photo of your space, I also follow the hashtag #artistspaces

I've just started a substack, where I'll be sharing more like this, if you'd like more travelling artist updates, you can subscribe here 

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