Top Tip #1 Getting rid of dog hair


Do you have problems with dog hair all over your clothes and dog blankets?

A friend shared this with me, if you pop them in the dryer first (before washing) along with a microfibre cloth (damp, or one of those tumble dryer sheets if you have them) and some woollen drying balls

Give them a whirl for 10-15 mins on a cool setting and hey presto, don't forget to clean out your lint collector afterwards (the little part you pull out to clear out all the fluff! )

This won't be any help for removing hair from furniture, but if you have any top tips for that, our favourite so far is using duct tape, feel free to share with me and it could well end up in a post here :-)


  • Posted by Sophia Greppi on

    Our pup constantly throws himself parades with the amount of fur confetti that blows about our house! We found an all rubber brush is easily the best thing to pull hairs out of fabric, we use one called ‘The Grime Reaper’ but any rubber brush will do!

  • Posted by Jo on

    This is great Sophia, thank you, I’ve looked up the Grime Reaper brush, it’s definitely going on my shopping list 😍🐾🐶

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