How to add a watercolour background

I'm not really known for backgrounds on my dog portraits, but sometimes there's a need for them like this one requested by the client.

Here's a short video showing how I added a misty green background to this watercolour painting.

I wet the background area and start with a thin green wash, in this example, I'm using Windsor and Newton pan watercolour in sap green mixed with a little yellow ochre.

To add a bit of texture and 'mist' to the background I wait for my wash to dry and cover the rabbit and the dog with cut out bits of paper to protect the areas of the painting that I don't want the paint to cover.

I use a flat edge brush and load it with sap green paint, running my finger across the top of the brush to create a spray effect, an old toothbrush also works.

Experiment on a separate piece of paper first if you're not sure!

Do you have a preference? Do you like a background or not, let me know in the comments?


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