Getting out of my comfort zone and raising funds for Nowzad

I doubt you've escaped the withdrawal from Afghanistan in the news, I really couldn't get out of my head the plight of Pen Farthing and his Nowzad charity trying to bring their animals and staff to the UK.

I am definitely not someone who gets involved in shouty matches on twitter, I often prefer to have the news off and news apps uninstalled from my phone, neither do I get involved in what I call the 'pointy end' of dog rescue. I am not emotionally strong enough to cope with seeing their suffering and bad treatment up close. 

I still can't watch Lassie films and they have a guaranteed happy ending...

What I can do is draw and paint, whilst walking Thom at the weekend, 2 very strong images came to mind, the first being what I hoped would happen

and the second is what I felt was happening, with the emphasis on 'felt'. By no means did I have all the facts, but illustrating my frustrations helped some of my anxiety.

The last thing on my mind was to make these into anything to sell,  but I've been contacted by enough people to think it might be worth selling these as a way to raise funds for Nowzad and anything that can help the people who were left behind would be wonderful.

I thought the easiest way is to offer them is, as a digital download, so there's no physical print despatched, you'd receive a file immediately after purchase to print at home on your own printer, or you can email to your local printer to have them print it on sturdier paper.

Absolutely all profits will go to Nowzad, the only expense to me is the card processing fees, which for any £5.00 purchase is approx £0.40p so £4.60 from every print sold will go to Nowzad.

The prints are A4 and will fit in a standard frame

Click here to purchase

If you do buy a print, make sure you're on my email list to get an update, you can sign up here

If you've read this far, thank you for sticking with me, it's been an unsettling few days, this has been way out of my comfort zone and I made the mistake of looking on twitter on Monday night only to see that Charlotte who founded the Kabul Small Animal Rescue did not make it out of Kabul, her cats are at Nowzad and her dogs had to be set free at the airport as they were refused passage so there is still a lot of work to be done and I do hope we can contribute a little to their efforts.

You can also really help to spread the word by sharing this on Facebook or Twitter, thank you

Jo x

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