Dog Lovers Christmas Gift Guide Ideas

Here are my thoughts on what might make some great presents this year for your dog loving friends and family, I've included some of my favourites from other artists and designer/makers too :-)


Commissioning a dog portrait by me or anyone else is rather a pricey affair, but perhaps I have a greeting card or mounted print of a dog that looks just like or reminds you of a loved ones dog?

I don't ship any glass items myself but I've sourced 2 correctly sized frames from amazon, just click on the image on the left to browse either my cards (top) or prints (bottom) and the frames for a card (top) and for a print (bottom)

 Small square frame perfect for a greeting card



These are 2 of my favourite calendars featuring dogs this year from 2 great artists and yes I do plan to finally launch a calendar next year for 2022!

Sam Toft Calendar  Anna Wilson Patterson Calendar



Tea Towels are a big favourite of mine, I have a few and the 12 dogs of Christmas has been very popular this year, click here but do check out these fabulous dog collective noun tea towels over at Perkins and Morley, click here

Today I will be - Tea Towel Crufts dogs Tea Towels Poodle Vogue tea Towel Leaping Dogs Tea Towel
Beagle tea towel Poodle tea towel dachshund tea towel golden retriever tea towel schnauser tea towel


Scruffy Little Terrier


There are a whole host of gorgeous gift ideas for terrier lovers here, mugs, T-Shirts, Hoodies, plus some gorgeous bobble hats!

Click here to browse


dog collar from moo moo and bear

 I'm a big fan of Moo Moo and Bear, I can't quite put my finger on it but all their designs really appeal to me, at the last count Thomasina has 4 of their collars, one for every season!

All British made and beautifully packaged, click here to browse.


If you are looking for some unique Christmas Cards then I have to point you in the direction of my 12 Dogs of Christmas! Which also come in a beautiful gift box - Happy Shopping! :-)
Jo x
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