Have you ever just wanted to pack everything up and go travelling in a motorhome instead?

Well we've done just that!

We’d always talked about getting a motorhome and travelling the UK and Europe, if the pandemic was telling us anything it was not to hang around and ‘wait’ for our dreams to happen so to cut months of planning, budgeting, finding someone to look after my studio and shop and lots of other practicalities short, we’ve done it!

As of July 2020 we are the proud owners of a 2013 Hymer Starline S B690, as of New Years Day 2020 I’d never even heard of the word Hymer!

Mr. Dean and I have not stopped smiling since we picked her up!

I have no idea how this will all play out and for how long we'll be doing it for, I've moved a lot of my services and my shop online.

If I'll be able to keep my studio and shop running, only time and the pandemic will tell, one thing I'm not going to do though, is worry about it

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