The idea behind this massive project was to post to Instagram a sketch, painting, drawing, collage and the occasional photograph of Thomasina every day throughout 2020. It was to be a celebration of Thom, She was 7 in January and I was aware how quickly time is passing and considering all the other dogs I paint I hadn’t painted Thom that much in comparison. I thought it would be great to have so many paintings of Thom and at the end of it I would have a new daily drawing and painting habit…It was a huge challenge that I brushed off thinking I’m always doodling Thom it’ll be easy to produce something every day, this is what I learnt;

  1. I need to be far more organised if I’m to attempt something like this in the future, start small (7 days for example!), build up and plan for it properly
  2. Putting pressure on myself to ‘create’ daily actually stifled my creativity instead of inspiring it, I found I was drawing less than before
  3. It’s a rubbish way to start a new habit, piling a huge amount of pressure on yourself to perform, perform well and share your results with everyone daily, it was doomed to failure!
  4. Once Covid-19 had arrived, I don’t think anyone else really cared if I was painting every day and that included me, we had more important things to address

So this is how it ended up, I changed the Instagram handle to @mydogthomasina, I am still painting her, but as and when I want to and I’m using the page as a celebration of her life with us and I’m only posting work that I do, that I love, be it a small sketch to a more detailed painting to a photograph
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