This project will post to Instagram a sketch, painting, drawing, collage and the occasional photograph of Thomasina every day throughout 2020

Hello, my name is Jo Scott and I’m co-parent to Thomasina, a characterful, fluffy, terrier-mix rescue.
Thomasina will be 7 years old in January 2020 and I’m just beginning to see how quickly time flies, it really does seem like only a year or two ago since we got her.
I also happen to be a dog artist and one comment a friend made, that ‘Thomasina must be the most painted dog in the uk’, has stuck with me, as she really isn’t…. I spend most of my time painting other people’s dogs.
There are several reasons for doing this 365 days of Thomasina project, the main one is to celebrate the character that is Thomasina, I hope to bring her personality, quirks and big brown eyes to life for everyone to enjoy and feel like they’ve met her.
I want to discipline myself in daily, regular, drawing and painting exercises, experiment and see where this project might take me creatively,
I’d like it if Thomasina were the most painted dog of 2020!
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