I’m often asked where the idea behind this range of greeting cards came from , it’s a fun range of comic moments in a dogs day to day life.

I’m lucky enough that I have an endless supply of stories from my wonderful customers as to suggestions for the next design, not to mention my own pooch Thomasina who features in many of the cards from fetching sticks to hiding her bone under my pillow she is an endless source of inspiration in her own right.

‘Today I will be…’ is the title of the card range, it was first published in 2014 and has been expanded every year since. In 2016 it won the Highly Commended award at the Scotland Trade Fair for best new product.

Each card starts the same, Today I will be…, and this was very much influenced by Jessie’s Diets on the Fast Show….

I felt this would be an excellent vehicle for my idea of a dogs diary, where pets narrate their own naughtiness.

I imagine it’s like your dog telling you what their plans are for the day as you get ready for work in a morning.

Humour plays a very large part in my life and I’m pleased to be able to bring a gentle playful humour into my work, every so often someone will pick up on the reference to the Fast Show and I love it when that happens!

There are over 30 designs in the range and I’m excited to be working on a collection for a new Calendar and, dare I say it out loud, possibly even a book!

In the meantime if you have a funny story or photo of what your dog does during the day, or the night… and you’d like to share it, then please do drop me line at jo@joscottart.com

You never know your pooch might be the star of the next greeting card to be published…

Product photography courtesy of Forever Creative Photography

You can purchase the cards online here at Natural Partners Art